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ժҪ�� ���Ƿ������ģ��$\ep Y=X\beta,\;\cov(Y)=\tsm_{i=1}^{m}\theta_iV_i$, ����$n\times p$����$X$�ͷǸ�������$V_i\;(i=1,2,\cdots,m)$������֪��, $\beta\in R^p,\;\theta_i\geq 0$��$\theta_i>0\;(i=1,2,\cdots,m)$��Ϊ����\bd �ڱ�����, �����ڶ�����ʧ��, ��$\mu{(X)} \subset\mu{(V)}$ʱ, �����˹��ڿɹ�����$S\beta$�����Թ��������Թ������п������Եij�Ҫ����
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Admissibility of Linear Estimators of Regression Coefficient in a Variance Component Model
Wu Liucang,Li Huiqiong,Wu Xiaokun, Jiang Shaoping
The Faculty of Science, Kunming University of Science and Technology;
Abstract: Consider the variance component model $\ep Y=X\beta,\;\cov(Y)=\tsm_{i=1}^m\theta_iV_i$, where $X$: $n\times p$ and $V_i\geq0\;(i=1,2,\cdots,m)$ are known, $\beta\in R^p$, $\theta_i\geq0$ or $\theta_i>0$ $(i=1,2,\cdots,m)$ are parameters. In this paper, when $\mu(X)\subset\mu(V)$, the sufficient and necessary conditions for a linear estimable estimator of $S\beta$ to be admissible in the class of all linear estimators are given under quadratic loss function.
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