Ӧ�ø���ͳ�� 2009, 25(2) 164-170 DOI:      ISSN: 1001-4268 CN: 31-1256

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ժҪ�� ����������׼��$s$��$s/c_4$��$\ol{R}/d_2$�Լ�MVA�������$\wh{\sigma}_{\text{TOTAL}}$�ֱ���������׼��,��������Ӧ��$\wh{C}_p$��$\wh{C}_{pk}$�Լ�$C_p$����������,������ÿ�ֱ�׼����Ʒ������ص�, ��ϰ������бȽ��о�.
�ؼ����� MVA   ��������   ��׼��   ��������ָ��.  
A Comparativen Study on Confidence Interval of $C_p$ in Terms of Standard Deviation Estimated
Kong Xiangfen,He Zhen,Che Jianguo,Jin Huibin
Department of Business dministration,School of Management of TianjinUniversity; Department of Industrial Engineering, eronatical Mechanics & vionics Engineering College,Civil Aviation University of China;TEDA College, Nankai University; Research Institute of Civil Aviation Safety
Abstract: The estimator of population standard deviationcan be represented by sample standard deviation $s$, $s/c_4$, \ol{R}/d_2$ and $\wh{\sigma}_{\text{TOTAL}}$ based on MVA, espectively. This paper presents the estimation of $C_p$ and C_{pk}$ as well as the confidence interval of $C_p$ using different
estimation methods of population standard deviation. Further, each
estimation method is analyzed in an example.
Keywords: MVA   confidence interval   standard deviation   process capability indices.  
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