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Some Asymptotic Properties of the Continuous-TimeStochastic Solow Model
Wu Fuke,Hu Shigeng
School of Mathematics and Statistics,Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Abstract: The paper reconsiders the continuous-time stochastic
Solow model and proves that the solution of the stochastic
differential equation that characterizes the model is positive under
the conditions of Merton's (1975) model, which fills a gap of his
result. By the trivial solution's exponential instability of
stochastic differential equations and combining with the previous
Merton's result, we find the capital/labor ratio will show the
steady-state (or asymptotic) distribution or exponential growth. In
these results, variances of population growth and capital
accomulation play important roles.
Keywords: Exponential instability   steady-state distribution   endogenous growth   trivial solution.  
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