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Chinese Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics started publication in 1985. It was authorized by National Science and Technology Committee, registered at Shanghai Publishing Bureau, and published by the publishing house of East China Normal University. It is now a national wide periodical with main emphasis on the theory and applications of probability and statistics.
Chen Songqi, is the editor in chief of Chinese Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics. As one of the most prestigious periodicals in mathematics, Chinese Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics is also the only academic periodical of Chinese Society of Probability and Statistics, a branch of Chinese Society of Mathematics. It reflects the both the theoretical and applied research level, promotes the application study and develops new methods, in the area of probability and statistics in China, thus serves better for Chinese economic development. It is refereed to by some famous abstract periodicals and indexes, such as Mathematical Reviews of America, Zentralblatt für Mathematik of Germany, Chinese Science Abstract and Chinese Science Citation Index (CSCI) etc.
Chinese Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics issues bimonthly since 2008. It accepts both Chinese and English articles. Subject coverage includes creative academic articles in theory and application study of probability and statistics, educational achievements, reports on recent achievements in the discipline, reports on academic activities and comments on new books, etc.

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