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EM Algorithm for Haplotype Inference Incorporating\\Ungenotyped Individuals in Pedigree Studies
Zhao Hong,Zhu Wensheng,Guo Jianhua
KLAS and School of Mathsmatics and Statistics, Northeast Normal University, Department of Mathsmatics, Ocean University of China
Abstract: Haplotype inference and reconstruction have become
an essential step in linkage analysis and association analysis. The
methods for haplotype inference are all based on the complete
genotype data sets. However, genotypes of some individuals in each
pedigree may be partly missing or ungenotyped. In this article, we
propose a new EM algorithm to perform haplotype inference
incorporating ungenotyped individuals in pedigree studies. We also
give the standard errors of estimated parameters and evaluate the
performance of our method by simulation studies.
Keywords: Haplotype inference   pedigree   EM algorithm.  
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